Aiding the Afghan Returnees from Pakistan

Forced Deportation

Our response to assist Afghan returnees in their journey back home.

Aiding the Afghan Returnees from Pakistan | Forced Deportation

As the November 1, 2023 deadline for Afghan refugees to leave Pakistan passes, fear of forced deportation has led many to flee before the cutoff while thousands are stuck at the Torkham and Chaman crossings, hoping for a safe exit from Pakistan. Since the fall of the Republic Government of Afghanistan in August 2021, hundreds of thousands of Afghans sought refuge in Pakistan, hoping for a better life. However, despite the ongoing crises and continual oppression from the Pakistan Government, they’re now compelled to return, shattering their dreams.
In response, Aseel Do Good – DirectAid Beta – with its new campaign, “Aiding the Afghan Returnees from Pakistan | Forced Deportation,” is ready to assist these displaced Afghans in their journey back home. Aseel aims to raise $100,000 through this campaign, which will be utilized to purchase and distribute emergency packages for the returning families. These packages come in three types:

  • Welcome Kit for Afghan Returnees
  • Refugee Home Package
  • Toys for Kids Package.


To ensure transparency throughout the campaign, each family will be registered by Aseel’s Atalan team and provided with Omid IDs. Moreover, in light of Pakistan’s regulations limiting Afghan refugees to carry only 50,000 AFN cash upon departure, registered returning families will also receive $50 in cash assistance. Standing in solidarity with these Afghan families, let’s empower hope and rebuild Afghan lives.
Join us to provide safety support and to make the journey home easy for those seeking shelter in their homeland. Stay tuned for further updates.

Direct-Aid Emergency Welcome Kit for Afghan Returnees from Pakistan

The “Welcome Kit for Returnees” is a comprehensive package designed to extend a warm and supportive hand to individuals and families who are returning from Pakistan. This kit is thoughtfully curated to help newcomers navigate their new surroundings, access vital services, and find a sense of belonging in their adopted home. The welcome Kit is designed for families of between 7-10 members.

What is in the Package?

  • Sim Card with 500 AFN Top Up
  • Tent for 8 People
  • Gas Cylinder (5 Kgs capacity)
  • Pressure Cooker (10 liters capacity)
  • Beans (7 Kgs)
  • Rice (14 Kgs)
  • Daal (3Kgs)
  • Flour (50 Kgs)
  • Cooking Oil (5 Liters)
  • 4 Jackets – Winter clothes (Adults & Children)
  • Shoes (2 pairs: 1 Adult & 1 kid)
  • Socks (4 pairs: 2 Adults & 2 Children)
  • Toothbrushes (4 Pcs)
  • Toothpaste (2 tubes)
  • Soap (6 bars)
  • Shampoo (2 bottles)
  • Vaseline (1 Bottle)
  • Face Cream (1 Pack)
  • Disposable Masks (1 Pack)
  • Toys for kids
  • Toilet Paper (12 rolls)

Aseels' DirectAid Beta

Quick and Easy Steps to Provide Direct Aid

Send Aid​

To start, go to the Aseel Do Good page and select "Send Direct Aid to an Omid ID." After choosing the desired emergency package, you decide whether to Let Aseel Decide or Someone You Know for distribution. Then, select a subscription plan, complete a quick form, and make your aid contribution.​


Track Aid

After confirming your order, you'll get emails at each stage to keep you in the loop. These emails will update you on the preparation, pickup, delivery, and completion of your aid package.


Receive Video

Once the Aseel Do Good team, in partnership with the Atalan Network, finishes distributing to Omid ID holders, you'll get a video showing the entire process. This video offers transparency and shows the impact of your aid contribution.


Why Choose Aseel Direct Aid Beta?

At Aseel, we believe in empowering communities and creating a brighter future. Our latest innovation, Aseel Direct-aid Beta, is a game-changer in the world of aid distribution. Here's why you should be excited:

1.  Transparency: See your impact in real-time with our video documentation of aid deliveries.

2. Efficiency: Aseel Direct-aid Beta ensures your support reaches the people in need in Afghanistan quickly and effectively.

3. Accountability: Our Omid ID Cards provide vital information for aid recipients, ensuring your generosity goes where it's needed most.

4. Human Connection: Experience the joy of giving and the gratitude of receiving through our personal aid delivery videos.

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 Aseel’s Approach:

  1. Identification:

    Our Atalan first identifies the deported families who need assistance by issuing registered Omid IDs. The team will work with local people to ensure those needing urgent assistance.

  2. Coordination and Supply:

    The Aseel team coordinates with the Atalan (volunteers), and locals to support supplying emergency packages to each registered family. The mobilization of these local efforts makes it easier to supply aid time effectively and enables efficient tracking of recipients, ensuring accurate records of those already assisted and those awaiting aid packages.


Transparency and Accountability:

All participants in the Aseel grand challenge “Aiding the Afghan Returnees from Pakistan | Forced Deportation,” including technical contributors such as campaign owners, partner organizations, and volunteers, are provided with bi-weekly updates, including financial data and how many emergency packages have been distributed. Also, financial records from every report will be made public in real-time.

For universal transparency throughout the platform and to track every dollar, the Emergency Response team developed version Aseel ER V1.0, providing Omid (Hope) IDs using the Omid cards to track the aid distributed to each beneficiary. The Omid IDs are pre-registered as soon as a beneficiary is identified.

The second version, Aseel ER V2.0, currently being developed by the Aseel team, has two additional modules: one for certified vendors (Vendor Module) designed for local supermarkets to distribute Aseel emergency packages in the community. The other (Lifesavers Module) will enable pre-approved volunteers, including Afghan youth, to use the platform to register beneficiaries, which will provide life-saving relief at the local and district levels.

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