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Disaster Fund: Urgent Relief Aid for Herat Earthquake victims

October 7th, 12:09 PM HERAT, Afghanistan: A terrible earthquake hit western Afghanistan on Saturday, and it’s devastating. The news is heartbreaking – around 2,400 people have lost their lives, and more than thousands are injured. Families are working tirelessly through the night, hoping to rescue loved ones buried under the rubble. This earthquake, with a magnitude of 6.3, shook Zenda Jan in Herat. According to the Taliban officials, over 10 villages there are now in ruins, and many people are still trapped under the debris. The situation could get even worse than we imagine. The epicenter of this disaster was just 25 miles west of Herat city in the western Herat province, the third-largest in Afghanistan. We got this information from the United States Geological Survey. Reports say nearly 500 homes are completely gone, and 135 buildings are damaged, according to UNOCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs). And it’s not just numbers; it’s about 4,200 people (600 families) who are going through this hardship.


Right now, Aseel volunteers are on the ground, waiting anxiously to help those affected by this earthquake. Your donation will make an immediate impact. No matter how small, it can change someone’s life in these tough times.

Direct-Aid Emergency Earthquake Relief Package for Herat

Quick and Easy Steps to Provide Direct Aid

Send Aid​

To start, go to the Aseel Do Good page and select "Send Direct Aid to an Omid ID." After choosing the desired emergency package, you decide whether to Let Aseel Decide or Someone You Know for distribution. Then, select a subscription plan, complete a quick form, and make your aid contribution.​


Track Aid

After confirming your order, you'll get emails at each stage to keep you in the loop. These emails will update you on the preparation, pickup, delivery, and completion of your aid package.


Receive Video

Once the Aseel Do Good team, in partnership with the Atalan Network, finishes distributing to Omid ID holders, you'll get a video showing the entire process. This video offers transparency and shows the impact of your aid contribution.


Why Choose Aseel Direct Aid Beta?

At Aseel, we believe in empowering communities and creating a brighter future. Our latest innovation, Aseel Direct-aid Beta, is a game-changer in the world of aid distribution. Here's why you should be excited:

1.  Transparency: See your impact in real-time with our video documentation of aid deliveries.

2. Efficiency: Aseel Direct-aid Beta ensures your support reaches the people in need in Afghanistan quickly and effectively.

3. Accountability: Our Omid ID Cards provide vital information for aid recipients, ensuring your generosity goes where it's needed most.

4. Human Connection: Experience the joy of giving and the gratitude of receiving through our personal aid delivery videos.

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Why is It Essential for Aseel to Have the Potential to Provide Rapid Aid Response in Times of Emergency?


The unfortunate events from the start of 2022 took hundreds of lives. Most of the victims were breadwinners for their families, and their families were entirely dependent on their earnings. With their loss, the families have been left unattended to, in dire need of financial support. The wounded ones are also unable to work. Some temporarily and some for a long time. The injuries and disabilities, again, have adverse financial impacts on them and their families. In addition, the families have been left to pay costs towards treating their wounded or to pay for funeral costs. Most of these families have no savings, or they make enough to meet one day’s expenses.


We have had natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, and floods in different provinces in Afghanistan with the changes in climate. It affects hundreds of families every year and forces them into displacement and loss of home and earnings. Again these families have no financial security or aid to help them through the crisis. The victims of the above disasters can be supported (albeit to a degree) with the help of a disaster fund. This can be done with our existing food, shelter and medical packages or a tailor-made package fit to meet the specific needs. Having a disaster fund will allow us to provide support with immediate effect rather than days and hours of fundraising, as reserve funds could be crucial and life-saving in times of emergency.


Families Supported


individuals Supported


cities covered


Food Packages Distributed

Why Rapid Aid Response is Vital: Aseel emphasizes the importance of rapid aid response during emergencies. The loss of breadwinners and the incapacitation of many due to injuries have left families in dire need of financial support. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, landslides, and floods, occur regularly in Afghanistan, displacing and impoverishing numerous families who lack financial security or assistance. A disaster fund is crucial to provide immediate support, including food, shelter, and medical assistance, without the delay of fundraising efforts.


Aseel’s Approach:

  1. Identification: Aseel’s team identifies earthquake victims in affected districts and villages, working closely with locals to prioritize those in the greatest need.
  2. Coordination and Supply: The organization coordinates with volunteers, locals, and health centers to efficiently distribute food packages and shelters, leveraging local efforts for timely aid delivery.
  3. Transparency and Accountability: Aseel maintains transparency by providing bi-weekly updates to all campaign participants, including financial data and the number of distributed food packages. Financial records are made public in real-time. The use of Omid IDs ensures precise tracking of beneficiaries.
  4. Future Developments: Aseel is working on enhancing its emergency response platform with Aseel ER V2.0, which includes modules for certified vendors to distribute food packages and allows pre-approved volunteers to register beneficiaries for life-saving relief efforts at the local and district levels.


Your support can help Aseel provide crucial assistance to the earthquake victims in Herat, Afghanistan. Every donation counts and can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.

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