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Stand with us at Aseel  as we uplift Afghan women, enabling them to assert their rights, pursue education, and attain independence with unwavering confidence and dignity. Join us now to help Afghan women reach their fullest potential.

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Stand with Afghan Women

help afghan women

Afghanistan in 2023 has become one of the most challenging locations for women due to the prevailing circumstances. Since the Taliban took over in August 2021, the nation has been experiencing an increasing humanitarian catastrophe due to a reduction in international aid, asset freezes, and severe drought. Unprecedented levels of hunger have been achieved, with nine out of 10 Afghan families everyday going without enough food.

Undoubtedly, an estimated seven million women and children under the age of five bear the brunt of this catastrophic situation, suffering from malnourishment. Women have been incredibly resourceful and resilient in ensuring the survival of their families during the last year. Despite their vital contributions, recent constraints on their participation in public life have reduced their ability to contribute to their household income or find solutions to feed their children amidst the escalating crisis. 

Given the serious humanitarian crisis, it’s crucial to urgently provide assistance to Afghan women. This assistance includes immediate support such as emergency cash, food boxes, and animal feed. These measures serve as the initial and essential steps for Afghan women toward rebuilding their lives and creating brighter prospects for their families.

Furthermore, we collaborate with rural women to give them the information, resources, and self-assurance they need to cultivate their own food. By building house nurseries and enhancing dairy processing skills, we urge women to use their untapped ability to ensure that their children are fed while alleviating the burden on overworked male family members.

Despite the limitations placed on their fundamental liberties, Afghan women have limitless potential and an unyielding urge to lead their families through difficult times. Decades of study and our own experiences show that when women get the help they need, societies become more inclusive, successful, and resilient. Despite significant operational hurdles in Afghanistan, we continue to prioritize women-led solutions as the foundation of our efforts.

Now, we urge you to extend immediate aid to Afghan women, supporting them in meeting their basic needs and rebuilding their lives.


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Join the movement and help us reach a target of 100,000 donated packages for Afghan women and kids. A call for better and brighter change to come for Afghan Women.