The situation

In 2023, Afghanistan is one of the hardest places in the world to be a woman. 

Since the Taliban takeover in August 2021, the subsequent withdrawal of international assistance, freezing of assets, and drought, a deteriorating humanitarian emergency has taken its grip on the country. Hunger is at record highs: a staggering nine out of ten families in Afghanistan not eating enough food day to day.

Women and their children are bearing the brunt of the crisis, with an estimated seven million mothers and children under five currently facing malnourishment. Resourceful, resilient women have been central to the survival of their families this past year. But recent restrictions on their ability to participate in public life mean that, despite their invaluable contributions to their families and wider communities, much of the female population are unable to help contribute to their household income or find ways to keep their children fed despite the intensifying crisis.

Our solution

During this grave humanitarian emergency, women in Afghanistan need help to feed themselves and their families, now. Delivering urgent and lifesaving assistance, such as emergency cash, food parcels and animal feed, is a vital first step in helping women rebuild their lives and livelihoods and shape brighter futures for their families. 

In addition, we work with rural women so they have the skills, resources and confidence needed to cultivate their own food. From establishing home nurseries to developing dairy processing skills, we’re enabling women to harness their untapped potential to feed their children whilst alleviating pressure on overstretched male family members.

Despite the limits placed on their basic freedoms, Afghan women hold the potential and determination to get their families through difficult times. Decades of research, and our own experience, shows that when women can access the support they need, societies become more inclusive, prosperous, and strong. In Afghanistan, despite the grave operational challenges we face, we’re working to keep women-led solutions at the core of what we do.

How you can help

We need your urgent support to help women meet their basic needs, provide for their families, and rebuild:

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