Aiding the Afghan Returnees from Pakistan

Forced Deportation

Our response to assist Afghan returnees in their journey back home.

Help Afghan Women

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Onboarding People from Underdeveloped Countries to the Digital Economy.

The Aseel Foundation

The Aseel Foundation, in direct collaboration with the Aseel platform, onboards people from underdeveloped countries, primarily from Afghanistan and Turkey, into the digital economy through the Buy Good and Do Good. The tax-deductible Aseel Artisan and Humanitarian fund or donations are channeled directly to support artisans and those needing immediate humanitarian help. With our dedicated Atalan team and Omid IDs, we aim to make a lasting, positive impact on the communities we serve, ensuring transparency is a top priority.

The Aseel Artisan Funds

The Aseel artisan funds support onboarding local artists from underprivileged communities to market their handcrafted products to buyers globally. To date, over 5k Afghan and Turkish artisans have been assisted in setting up an online shop and ensuring a seamless payment process.

All donations are tax-deductible.

The Aseel Humanitarian Response Fund

The Aseel humanitarian response fund supports people in the most vulnerable conditions by providing humanitarian assistance. So far, we have aided over half a million Afghans residing in various provinces in Afghanistan.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Omid ID

The Atalan team assigns a unique identification number to every registered family or individual. These IDs are used to keep track of the family’s location, contact information, assistance needs, and aid received. To ensure accountability at all levels, each recipient will also receive an Omid Cards in addition to their Omid ID

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How can you help?

I can sponsor a family or an individual

Sponsor those in dire need of help from anywhere in the world

I can become a volunteer

Join Aseel’s Atalan Network by filling out the online form

I can start a campaign

Sponsor those in dire need of help from anywhere in the world

I can register a beneficiary

Register a family or individual as a beneficiary using the online form

I can assign an Omid ID/Card

Assign a beneficiary an Omid ID/Card to track the entire process

I can send aid to an Omid ID

Send direct aid to a holder of an Omid ID from your list, or grant Aseel the decision to determine the recipient of the aid while tracking the entire aid distribution.