Support Women in Afghanistan

Empower Afghan Women: Donate now to support their rights, education, and independence.

The prevailing circumstances in Afghanistan in the year 2023 have rendered it one of the most arduous environments for women. Ever since the Taliban assumed control in August 2021 and subsequent international assistance withdrawal, asset freezes, and a severe drought, the country has fallen into the clutches of a worsening humanitarian crisis. Hunger has reached unprecedented levels, with a staggering nine out of ten Afghan families enduring insufficient access to sustenance on a daily basis.

Undoubtedly, women and their children bear the brunt of this dire situation, with an estimated seven million mothers and children under the age of five currently grappling with malnourishment. Remarkably resourceful and resilient, women have played a pivotal role in safeguarding the survival of their families throughout the past year. However, recent restrictions imposed on their involvement in public life have limited their ability to contribute to their household income or devise strategies to feed their children amidst the escalating crisis, despite their invaluable contributions to their families and the broader community.

Amidst this profound humanitarian emergency, it is imperative to extend assistance promptly to Afghan women, enabling them to provide sustenance for themselves and their families. Such assistance encompasses crucial and lifesaving measures like emergency cash, food parcels, and animal feed, which represent the crucial first steps towards empowering women to rebuild their lives and futures, nurturing brighter prospects for their families.

Furthermore, our endeavors involve collaboration with rural women, equipping them with the necessary skills, resources, and self-assurance to cultivate their own food. By establishing home nurseries and honing dairy processing expertise, we empower women to harness their untapped potential, ensuring they can feed their children while alleviating the burden on overburdened male family members.

Despite the constrictions imposed upon their fundamental liberties, Afghan women possess boundless potential and unwavering determination to guide their families through trying times. Decades of research, coupled with our own experiences, attest that when women gain access to the support they require, societies become more inclusive, prosperous, and resilient. In Afghanistan, despite confronting substantial operational challenges, we steadfastly prioritize women-led solutions as the cornerstone of our endeavors.

Now, we implore you to extend your urgent support to assist women in meeting their fundamental needs, enabling them to provide for their families and undertake the process of rebuilding.